Pass it forward

We makerecommerce the new standard!

At Laps, we envision a world where products live their lives to the fullest and are kept away from single use.

Because it’s obvious
99.1% Less carbon footprint
Enhanced accessibility of products
Professionally certified products
Reduced waste production

We are changing the way people buy and consume

At Laps, we’re on a journey to create a frictionless circular experience for sports enthusiasts.

Laps’ virtuous cycle of Circular Economy

Certified refurbished Professional inspection /verification process Online purchase from individuals/partners Onlinesale D2C Fast delivery

We are a network
of recommerce platforms

Not unlike a relay race, products are passed from one person to the other, helping everyone advance. Sports enthusiasts can sell, buy or trade their equipment – all in one place and one transaction!

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We are building strong long-term partnerships

We work with industry leaders and established businesses to solve consumer needs and tackle environmental challenges.

People empowering

Individual efforts are just as equally important as team objectives when it comes to change.

Which is why we are constantly looking for ambitious, team-spirited individuals to help us change the game.

Ready to tackle single-use consumerism?